Backup fails, but message says "successful"



  • I will do so when it fails next time.

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    Now it failed again, and here is the screenshot:


    What else can I do?

  • Here is another screenshot.

    Backupper tells it made the last backup at 15:29.

    In the Explorer window, there is nothing like that.

    And yes, the Explorer window is refreshed and sorted right.


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    The backup source is drive: Q?

  • "The backup source is drive: Q?"
    Yes, you have seen it right in the screenshot.

    I wonder why you have to ask...image

    But the same failure happens with C drive as well.

    I would highly appreciate if we come back to the problem.
    Instead of letting me only take screenshots and asking what's clearly visible.

    Thank you for this.

  • Can we arrange a screen share to better analyze the problem?

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    That's a good idea!
    I rebooted the PC yesterday, so for some (unpredicatble) time it will not fail.
    But when it fails again - it will fill sooner or later - I'll come back to you immediately.
    I'm in GMT+1.

  • How can I reach you in that case?

    I don't like to publish my contact data in public...

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    Now it happened again, and you want to have a look at my screen.

    Sent a mail to support.


    as soon as possible, I can’t take the risk of having no backup for too long.

    It's 17:00 GMT+1 now.

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