Main Threads:All full backups despite selecting a scheme
  • I tried selecting a differential scheme and when I edit the backup it confirms that the scheme is enabled.  Despite this the backup is always FULL.   This is happening for both the backups I've defined.

    My destination is a NAS.  The files are successfuly written.  I'm on the third cycle today and so far all the backups are for the full size of the data to be backed up

  • Sector by sector backup?

  • No,  just a folder backup

  • It seems that even though I am using AOMEI Professional all backups default to FULL

  • I've given up.   Going to switch to ACRONIS.   It actually works.....

  • How do you confirm it is always Full? By the backup size or View Logs?

  • View logs

  • Your product also created dozens of port forwarding entries on the router when configured to connect to my NAS.   Looks like it just creates a new one everytime it has to connect.

  • Can you upload a screenshot of View Logs?

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