Help with unintentional partition creation and restoration of full memory


Hello guys I need some explanations about the recovery of my SSD (Disco0 ---> C:)
I use AOMEI to clone my windows 10 in the new SDD but in the process a unnecessary partition was created (E:); then the program has not allocated half of the disc who not result now in my computer  (121,1 Gb)
My question is: how recover that 121.1 Gb not allocated and preserve my Windows in (C:)?


  • Maybe you can try free Aomei Partition Assisant. 

    Are you sure E: is not in the original and is not necessary?

  • E: is completely free for my pc so is the unnecessary partition ;)
    How i can use Partition Assistant to recover my 121.1 Gb not allocated?

  • Delete E: and Apply 

    and add unallocated to C:  (Merge) and apply. Can be done in Windows Disk management too.

  • It's worked! Thank you very much :)

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