Main Threads:What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI?
  • @ya5hkh4n Hi there, thanks for your feedback about how we can imporve AOMEI Backupper, will report this issue to our developers

  • @winston_smith hello, thanks for your feedback

  • @robert_ Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback --- and you have even created another post to complement your first post. It is such an honor to have a user like you. Danke! 

  • Hello,

    What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI?

    The first thing, AOMEI is a reliable and popular brand.

    I use Aomei Backupper Free. 

    I would like to suggest to give backupper a new interface, and improve the core functions backup and restore speed, improve incremental backup speed, and add fast incremental restore like Macrium, and keep innovating and improving the program.

    I am running backupper free for 10 months now with no issues. Reliability wise, Aomei is good, speed wise need improvements and so the above mentioned suggestions.

    Best Regards

  • Hi!

    When I see AOMEI, I think makers of excellent free and paid software. And thank you for making available free counterparts of paid software.

    I have tried Macrium free and Easeus free for a short time. I have used Veeam free for a long time. I am trying AOMEI free for little over a month.

    I have noticed that AOMEI every backup run anlyzes the whole disk or data again and this increase the time and the backup takes long time to complete.

    The above mentioned software don't analyze the full disk every time and backup doesn't take long to complete.

    It seems other mentioned software use some smart technology to analyze the data and don't need to rescan the total data everytime. And it seems AOMEI don't have such mechanism in their product or the technology is not effective.

    Hope AOMEI improve in this regards.

    And like others here have mentioned, new modern GUI and Icon would be good.


  • Hey guys!

    I see Aomei & think good software but needs few changes and improvements.

    I am a new backupper user & like it.

    need few changes-

    need new look. current look is kinda old & boring now.

    speed & reliability improvements are always welcome.

    boot menu entry to easy & quick access aomei recovery environment.

    have heard that license transfer to another system, aomei major upgrade require to contact support.. would be good if it is simple & easy like uninstall or remove license option to transfer license, enter old key & get new key during upgrade or automatic upgrade (lifetime upgrades license).

    Live Chat Support would be good.


  • Hi. I am going to clean install Windows 10 in a day or 2. Hope I receive the license soon. I will install Aomei and backup Windows at various stages like after Windows install, after drivers install, etc. Thanks.

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