Backup fails, but message says "successful"

Hi there.

I have 2 scheduled tasks in Backupper.

They do run at the wanted time.

And they are amazingly fast - because they do just nothing.

When I invoke the task manually in the Backupper dialog, I get the same.

After  1 second or 2, the dialog says "Der Vorgang wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen.".

Even 'Check backup integrity' is active.

But no complaints...

The important thing is, I can't know why the backup failed.

How can I find out?

I already browsed for a log file or similar, but couldn't find anything meaningful.

The EventViewer doesn't say anything as well.

Backupper should really give information on failed backups and shout out a big warning.

Silently failing makes the software useless...



  • Please click Utilities-->View Logs to see the result.

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    There is no result.

    Also not the "successful" message.

    The problem is the silently failing.

    And telling the opposite.

    Backupper doesn't provide an error code.


    How to find out the cause?

    Thank you.

  • Is it a system backup? Did you check if there are backup images in destination folder?

  • "Is it a system backup?"


    A drive backup.

    "Did you check if there are backup images in destination folder?"
    There are *.adi from former backups.
    But not from the failed ones (of course not).

  • Can you upload a screenshot where it says the backup is successful?

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    There is NO backup created!

    And also not to find in the logs.

  • Please run the backup manually to see the result.

  • "Please run the backup manually to see the result."

    This is exactly what I did.

    The backup doesn't work as a scheduled task, and also not when invoked manually.

    After a PC reboot it works again, but after some hours or days, it stops working as wanted.

    As this not predictable, it turns out that Backupper is not reliable.

    This should not be the case for such an important program.

    At least it should shout out a big warning.

    And not telling a lie like a child that is afraid of penalty.

    I like Backupper a lot (coming from ATI)!

    But the reliabilty must be improved, really.

    I'm willing to help to find the cause.

  • Can you please click Advanced-->Edit Backup and show us the result?

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