Shrink Partition: already 35 hours blank screen

I have used the free version of partition assistant to shrink the Windows 10 c:\ partition from 837 to 750 gigabytes. (Windows 10 volume manager only could shrink it with a few megabytes.)

I also checked optimize for a SSD.

The computer had to reboot to continue and thereafter the computer showed only a blank screen for a few hours.

I thought that it just couldn't boot and hadn't started with the resizing, so I rebooted the machine. Booting in my Linux partition, I saw that the filesystem on the c: partition was corrupt, so something had been done. I rebooted again in the Windows 10 partition in the hope it somehow could continue.

Now in total it has shown this blank screen for one and a half day and I want to know if it makes still sense to wait any longer or should I assume that everything is lost.



  • Can you boot from a 3rd party WinPE and capture a screenshot of Disk Management?

  • I can also boot   32 bit windows 7 from another harddrive. What information should disk management show?

  • What information should disk management show?

    Readable ones.

  • Please try Rebuild MBR on system disk.

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    What use is rebuilding the master boot record? You don't want to say that Partition Assistant can't handle grub as bootloader?

    Partition Assistant did boot, otherwise it wouldn't have damaged the file system. It has really become totally useless, few directories can be listed and the content of files has totally changed.

    When I replace grub with a Windows 10 only MBR, I boot into a totally corrupted partition.

    Or will Partition Assistant now start at the point it had left?

  • the content of files has totally changed —You mean some files are missing?

  • I mean that when you look into a file it is different from what it was.

  • I assume this is not what PartAssist.exe should look like:


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