Backupper Free : invalid image file


I installed (latest version) AOMEI Backupper yesterday and followed the instructions on AOMEI Website of backing up the Windows.old folder in the article. (File Backup methos)

The target file destination was another drive and the backup completed susccessfully with no errors.

Being short of C: space i ran the windows disk clean-up and it removed the windows.old folder.

To my horror a day later, i'm checking the integrity windows.old.afi and i get this message:

"Invalid image file. This file may not be complete or has been damaged or it doesnt match the current software version"

I have no words to say.


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    Not sure what the error is trying to tell you (maybe it was checking the image vs the original and of course the original isn't there). Are you planning on rolling back Windows to it's previous version? That's the function of that file. Windows should delete it automatically after 10 days anyway. If you're satisfied with your current Windows install there's no need to panic. If you really want it back, try a file restore and see what happens. 

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