Leave Your Suggestion for AOMEI Backupper Network and Win Premium Version for FREE (Closed Already)



  • @buckitall, Hi there, can you give us more details about "Wipe"?

  • Web Console for remote management, Cloud Backup,Email Notifications on completion of Backup

  • @admin

    I have two question.

    1. I try to use the centralization network backup for storage backup of D: yesterday schedule at 02:00 GMT+8.The PC hang, and after force restart, it can not load the windows.

    After several hours auto repaired and fresh system (Not fresh install). 

    I can login the windows 8.1 finally but some error will occurred in windows. The central network management and standard beta also delete automate by windows fresh system process, do it compatiable to windows 8.1 x64 Eng?

    OS : Windows 8.1 x64 Eng

    2. If some PC is in another network segment, firewall need to open port between the management, storage and PC, what port do it need to open? eg. PC is, Management server that install the central network management is, storage is, but three of them in different network segment, one in FW port 1 , second port 2, third port 3, it has security control, just release port

  • Hello admin,

    Thank you for the update.

    We just received the new Panasonic FZ-Q2.

    Once I have things setup  here, I will take an initial backup and then report back to you.

    Thank you for all your help !!


  • @MENINBLK, don't mention it.

  • @TigerEmperor, Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Already sent your report to our developers.

  • @playmusician, Hello, thank for you the suggestions.

  • Okay, I have everything setup on my network.

    I go to the server and startup AOMEI Backupper Network Beta and out of 12 workstations I can only see THREE ???  In Windows Explorer I can see all 12.  What gives ?  Is there a way to force Backupper Network Beta to SCAN for computers ???

    I would really like to get this going and schedule these backups,


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