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I have just bought an external hard disk Western Digital My Cloud Home that seems to have 2 areas :

A public area : Access by \\MYCLOUD-XXXXXX\Public\

A private area : Access only by a browser and by a local drive x:\ mounted when i installed the driver of the cloud.

In the backupper, i have no problems when i place my backups or synchronize datas to the public share.

But backuper don't see the drive x:\ : when i select it, i have a message : Drive X:\ does not exist.

Is it a way to place dates on the private area of my cloud ?

Thanks in advance.


  • Shouldn't you address your question to WD?

    X: could well be a ram disk that only temporarily exists like in Aomei bootable media's command shell

  • I did it on the WD forum. But no answer for the moment.

  • You could look in Windows Disk management when this WD device is connected through USB to your computer. Does it show multiple partitions, does it show X:?

  • No, it doesn't show the x:\

    I asked on an other forum, and a guy said me that it is a “Mounted Network Drive” using  what is known as a Call Back FIle System (CBFS).

    But i don't know if Backuper can access to this ?

  • But backuper don't see the drive x:\ : when i select it, i have a message : Drive X:\ does not exist.

    One question: If Backupper can't see the drive x:\, then how can you select it as destination?

  • I write directly x:\ on the line "file name" in the windows for slect the location

  • Can you upload a screenshot?

  • My x:\ exists on the computer but it cannot be access from backuper



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    Looking at the blue part, Isn't X: the same as P:? Aren't they all the same?

  • How about clicking "Share/NAS" and entering the credentials?

  • @JohnnyboyGo : No it's not the same. P:\ is mapped manually by myself to the public folder of the cloud.

    @ admin : With Share/NAS, i can see and connect to the public folder of my cloud. That means that i can synchronize files from my computer to the public folder of the cloud.
    But i want to synchronize files to the private folder.

    I use PLEX to listen my music on my phone.

    PLAX is able ton access on my cloud (but on the private folder) when my computer is off.

    It's for that i want to synchronise my music that i have on my computer with my private software on the cloud.

  • I mean click Share/NAS-->Add share or NAS device and enter the credentials of your private cloud, did you try that?

  • I have message : Failed to access the network path, pls check if your username password and network are correct.

  • Can you tell me the difference between the public and private area? Does the private area require a password while the public area doesn't?

  • Private area seems only accessible using MyCloud.com, the mobile app and the Desktop app. It's also accessing from Windows as a  mapped etwork drive using WD Discovery Desktop App.

    Public area is a single network share but it's not accessing from outside

    I found documentation form Western Digital : https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=20565&s=

  • Accessing the Private User Space from Windows or macOS as a
    mounted ( mapped ) network drive must be accomplished using WD Discovery
    Desktop App for My Cloud Home.

    I think that's why Backupper cannot access the private area.

  • Yes, but i tryed with some other softwares (godsync, Free File Sync, SyncToy, Cobian...)and they access. All of them show my X:\

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