Main Threads:Can I use Backupper to migrate an existing Win7 system from hard disk to SSD?
  • Assume I use currently a hard disk in my computer.

    On partition C: a 64bit Win 7 system is installed.

    Now I want to replace this hard disk by a new SSD (or add a SSD).

    Can I migrate/move the partition C: (and the Win 7 system on it) somehow to SSD with Aomai Backupper?

    In other words: Can I restore a Backupper backup file onto a SSD partition?


  • yes

  • Yes, you need a disk backup or a system backup and then restore. Beware that the new SSD is initialized (or converted to) the same as the original. In this case I presume MBR not GPT. A clone should also be possible.

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