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I am trying to connect Backupper Pro (trial) to my NAS. I am able to see the nas and drives in Windows and also am able to FTP files using WinSCP. When I enter the info in Backupper the NAS shows up as do the drives, however when I choose the drive I get this message:  The program is unable to connect to the network. Please enter the correct credentials and check that your network is functioning correctly. I know that my "credentials" are correct and that the network is functional. Any ideas??


  • Just checking, but when you entered the NAS share, did you use the drive's IP address and then enter the name and password for the computer it's in? Don't use "anonymous" as they do in the help manual example.

  • yes I enterd the  name and password of the nas and the nas IP address

  • If after entering the above info and you can see the drives listed in AOMEI everything seems correct to that point. The only other thing I can think of may be the drive(s) you're trying to use may have "sharing" permissions turned off. If that's not it, I'll have to pass to AOMEI or someone else.

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    the drives are available on the Windows network and I can also access them with WinSCP so I don't think sharing is an issue.  The drives are set to read/write for everyone. Thanks for trying to help!  Appriciate it.

  • How about mapping this drive?

  • Ok... problem solved

    I had a brain fart, I had reformated the NAS drives and when I set Nas4Free back up I changed the drive names from IW and IW2 to SIW and SIW2. I neglected to go back into Nas4Free and remove the old names and add the new ones. Once I did that all is well.

    I found out the problem when I saw the drives showing up in Aomei with the old names.

    Thanks for your help

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