Max number of phisical disk

Simple question.  I have 5 disk ( 2 SSD , 3 HD )  but the your programs (both Partition Assistant and Backupper )  show only the first 4 disk . Regards 


  • Don't you have a small scrollbar on the right hand side next to the 4 shown partitions? I have. You can scroll down to see the rest. You can also use the arrow down/up buttons in Backupper or use the mouse wheel to scroll down/up

  • Thanks Johnny , also I have a small scrollbar but show only the disk #3 .  The disk 4  is imissing but the disk in present and functioning well with windows explorer .

  • What type of connection have the disks? Sata, Ide,m.2 and what type has the no show disk?

  • I found the solution. It was my mystake ..  I  adjust the setting of the UEFI bios , I convert all the disk as GPT / SATA  and now all work well.   Regards and thanks for the suggestion  . 

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