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  • I just used the close funcion of AOMEI with an external hard drive. I assumed that it would work like Windowns system image backup, and just create a file on the external hard drive. Now it seems that it completely deleted everything I had on the external drive. Is all of that data gone? I need it. Can I get it back?

  • And where did you find the Close function?

  • Sorry, I meant "clone" function

  • Didn't you get a warning that existing data would be deleted and are you sure to continue?

  • A disk or system "backup" is what you wanted to create that image FILE. The "clone" function replicates the source disk to the destination disk in it's entirety. What JohnnyboyGo said should have come up to alert you. Sorry, but I think your data is gone.

  • You can try with Recuva if you can get anything back.

  • No, I didn't get any warning. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try recuva.

  • This hardly happens if you do not receive a warning, but you still should have read the documentation before doing this.

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