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  • I have a Win7 system, and I attached a USB hard disk to it. The drive appeared as drive "G". When I try to do a clone, I am allowed to choose my boot drive "C" as a source, but drive "G" never appears as a possible destination. Backupper doesn't even appear to be aware of my backup disk. Why not? How do I get it to see it? It is formatted identically to my boot drive.

  • Is it an USB 3 port? Try another port.

    Dou you start Aomei from within a running Win7 or from bootable media?

    Is the drive also invisible in the backup option instead of clone?

  • Evidently (thank you, AOMEI support) Backupper doesn't work at all with 4096 bytes/sector drives, and my backup drive is such a disk. My old internal C disk appears to be compliant. A little funny, in that I thought all modern disks were 4096.

    I gather that bytes/sector is a hardware issue, and you can't change that on a disk by reformatting.

    OK, so where do I get a Backupper-compliant SATA disk? What is the preferred bytes/sector for Backupper? When I buy disks, no one is advertising bytes/sector.

  • AOMEI Backupper supports drives with 512 bytes per sector.

  • OK, where do I find SATA drives with 512 bytes/sector?

  • Well, you could ask your hard drive provider about it.

  • I think most drives are 512 or 4096 emulated as 512. I never came across a pure 4096 drive yet. Maybe you should buy a smaller driver of max 1 TB?

    4K drives seem to have a 4Kn logo of advanced format...

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