Aomei Backupper 4.0.4 can't restore on windows 10 creator update

Hello every body

To day i use macrium reflect free for backup/restore operations, and lastly i want to test backupper 4.0.4

so i have made the following steps

1) make a system backupwith macrium (which contain 4 partitions : recovery,EFI,Msr, C)

2) i start backup with Aomei, i have disaponted because Aome system backup ignore Msr prtition wich is mandatory on UEFi systems)

    so i start  partiton backup with the 4 partions needed

3) attempt a restore with Aomei rescue media,  what a deception because i need to start 4 restore operations , one for each partition ????

4) after restore during boot i have a blue screen of death ,with a message saying repare not possible.

5 ) after macrium restore of image from step 1 , boot is successfull

in conclusion if forget Aomei and keep macrium.

What a pity i hope found an utility which speak french


  • Partition Backup will not be bootable, please use System Backup or Disk Backup.

  • Yes System Backup is bootable but has a big bug  : Microsoft reserved partition is ignored this one is mandatory on gpt disks (because it contain meta data for dynamic disks and support defective sectors)

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    This thread is just the info I was looking for.

    Windows 10 was just installed on my laptop and as petitlou60 has mentioned, the system partition is accompanied by three small partitions.

    I have just purchased Partition Assistant because my goal was to back up my system, which is isolated on its own partition.  Now it seems that, thanks to changes made by Microsoft, backing up one's system is not nearly as straightforward as before the invention of GPT disks.

    Sooooooooo . . .

    Does anyone know how to go about cloning a Windows 10 system in a way that will actually work?

    Also: I'm confused by the lingo.  The AOEMI Partition Assistant brings up a dialog box that talks about "migrating" the system.  Doesn't that mean MOVE the system?  I just want to copy it NOT move it.  I was afraid of that dialog because the last thing I want to do is move the system when I'm simply copying it.

    Has ANYONE successfully copied a Windows 10 system using Aoemi Partition Assistant and then re-installed it on the same disk where it used to be?  (This is a Yes or No question, folks).  Thanks.

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    If your intent is to "back up" your system so can you recover it in case of an emergency, you may be better served using AOMEI Backupper. Using Backupper, YES, I've made a system backup and restored it successfully. I've done this with both an MBR and GPT system. Backupper will copy all partitions Windows needs to run. The standard free version will do the job. The Pro version will give you more flexibility and options.

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