Leave Your Suggestion for AOMEI Backupper Network and Win Premium Version for FREE (Closed Already)



  • The ACBM should be able to backup the system state, the APPLication, and the Database (ORACLE, SQL) to external media.  In addition, the ACBM should have a simple GUI with fewer buttons to RESTORE data or APPs.

  • Add more language and another GUI

  • My suggestion:

    Scheduler should allow us to plan a backup less than once per month, i.e.: once a quarter of the year or once every six months. In my opinion, a copy of the operating system (without user files) does not have to be done so often.

  • make sure the boot disk works with all external usb drives connected to the computer either directly or via a hub

  • @fonkoufobar , thanks for your feedback

  • @Kiantat hi there, thanks for your suggestion

  • @TigerEmperor, hi there, thanks for your feedback.

    Please explian more about "agent---Different server/PC, different agent" in requirement No. 1

    "Different backupset in one account." in requirement No.6

    "email server support non auth local smtp server and support both IP & domain/hostname.-----improve of existing backup version" in requirement No.8

    "Statable NAS and smb backup destination.-----improve of existing backup version" in requirement No. 9

    "Import / Export the backup setting in different level. eg. whole backup program/ one agent PC setting" in requirement No. 11

    "also restore in file based and have dedeep function" in requirement No. 13

    "Backup vhd but can also restore with file based." in requirement No. 14

  • @kiadmin, HaHa, your suggestions are clear, we don't have any questionsimage

  • 1. Backup to cloud providers and include: https://www.backblaze.com/b2/cloud-storage.html (super cheap)

    2. SQL Backup option

  • @kubik67 Hi there, thanks for your suggestion.

    Could you please give us more details about

    "The Management server should automatically in accordance with the schedule and the selected plan to give the command for the backup."

    "Implement a full function of remote destruction of data to minimize the risk of loss or theft of critical data due to unforeseen events."

    "Use the security module from the encoders on the basis of machine learning and heuristics." you mentioned in your feedback?

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