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Backupper Create Bootable Media and large USB drive

I have a couple of USB drives with a capacity of 8 TB. When I try to create a Windows PE bootdisk from within Backupper, everything seems to work ok. No errors. But the USB drive in question remains empty and as such, a pc won't boot from it. So I created an ISO file and tried Rufus to create a bootdisk. Same story, everything seems to work fine, and although Rufus actually writes data to the USB drive, it still can't be used to boot.

Is this due to the 'disk-larger-than-4-TB problem or is it something else?


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    Don't you have a USB stick of 4 GB or something? Are you really using an USB external HDD of 8 TB? 

    Is your ISO OK? You can boot directly from the ISO to see if it works. To do this you need to install EasyBCD and add the ISO to the boot menu. You can disable the dual boot afterwards if you like.

  • When I create a USB stick for Windows PE, it almost works. When Windows PE runs and loads AOMEI, it hangs.

    So I made the linux-version and that works ok.

  • Please tick the option "Download WinPE creating environment from internet" and try again.

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