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When new AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.6 don't works with Windows 10 installed after Aniversary Update (08.2016). Worse...there is problem with instalation. There is no possibility to use it - application is unusefull  :(
When will be new version of AOMEI OneKey Recovery whitch is compatibily with actual Windows 10?


  • Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix this problem as soon as possible. Temporarily, please disable secure boot and driver signature enforcementon your Windows 10 Anniversary Edition computer and then install OneKey Recovery to use.

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    IN UEFI start-settings there is no possibility set Secure boot and  driver signature enforcementon off - both together. This options are separated. I tried  driver signature enforcementon (of) but this way not helps nothing.

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    Additionally: in secure boot Mode, instalation of AOMEI OneKey don't start :(

  • What's the error message when you try to install the program?

  • Does AOMEI have an ETA for a fix?

  • Now we have August and there is no promised update of  AOMEI OneKey Recovery ?

  • Yes We are still waiting.

  • But AOMEI spoked me in April that in few days will be update :( 

  • Hi, guys! Sorry to keep you waiting. Please contact [email protected] for the new version 1.6.1

  • Link to 1.6.1 I had in April but it don't worked. There was problem with inpossibility of recovery. Since this moment there isn't any contact from AOMEI Support side :(

  • @Puniek Have you received a response from support yet? If not, please tell me your email address and I'll check it.

  • I have received 1.6.1 test version from support and it still has the problems from 1.6. Nothing is solved yet:

    1- Option to remove Aomei recovery option on boot is not working. I see Windows 10 or Aomei recovery option everytime I boot up my computer

    2- Reboot into WinPE environment from Windows is not working. Reboot fails.

    3- Recovery from Onekey WinPE environment is possible but Backup from WinPE is not working. Software cannot mark partition and fails.

  • IN UEFI start-settings there isn't any possibility set Secure spotmau boot and driver signature enforcementon off - each together. This possibilities are separated. I attempted driver signature enforcementon (of) but this way not helps nothing.

  • Admin, there was, but there was not feed back/nothing new after my fail test of 1.6.1.

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    Download is still not compatible with Windows 10 version of AKOMEI OneKey Recovery is, although it has already been a year. J bought two proffessional versions. The second one was the money back. The first one I still can not use because it is incompatible with Windows 10 and I think myself that it was a lost of money.. :( 

  • @Puniek What do you mean by "not feed back"?

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