Leave Your Suggestion for AOMEI Backupper Network and Win Premium Version for FREE (Closed Already)



  • @bhanke: a real good idea "is centralized silent distribustion/push and option"!!


    It would be very good if the next ACBM could be a Web base application. 

    This is my suggestion


  • Main feature must include centralized control for all backup and restore task, encryption on all communication and easy to management from console    

  • @SelfMan

    Hi SelfMan, thanks for your message.

    Can you give us more details about queue reports?

    And why does it need to connect central server via VPN?  

  • @admin:

    about 1st, what can you give us more information about "grown sizes" and "expected size"?        <- maybe a table with the sizes of the last backups and a trendview. so we could see, when the backupspace (or the local harddisks) will be full. would be good as report for one pc, one group( if you store them on seperate volumes) or in total to see, when you need to buy more space

    about 2nd: can you give us more details about "working state"?   <- this is in my eyes the last succesful backup. like the last restorepoint in win 7. if you use backups and foldersync, this could be a combination restore of the last possible backup and the synced files back to this computer.

    about 3rd: can you explain more about "maybe timed or filtered"? <- i start the empty pc with a bootstick or pxeboot. in the management console i can see them in a list and can start a choosed restore depending from a mac-adress. timed means, this restore starts one by one at a choosed time to reduce the networkperformance. another possibility would be, that the users in a company will get a new system during the night after their work. and next day they have a new operating system and software (which i prepared) and can work without loosing time.

    isn´t this worth a free centralized management licenze? ;)

  • @Admin

    I am using my laptop to manage computers of my clients. I am connecting to the client networks via VPN. I need the computers to be able to send reports at request of the Central server which should be installed on my computer.

    The other possibility would be to have a central server at each client and have a master  central cosole on my omputer.

    The whole point is to have the ability to manage the backupper instances remotely via VPN.

    Hi there, thanks for all the suggestions!
    You mentioned "Push application updates to workstations after backup is complete" and what applications did you refer to?
    "Report on workstation health" and can you give us more details about this

    Thank you

  • @ttsoftit ;
    Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Can you give us more information about "share management team"?

  • @natynavi ;

    Hello Ivan, thanks for your suggestions!

  • @vagn_32 ;

    Are you saying you hope that we can add the feature of creating "Windows to Go" to AOMEI Centralized Backup Management?

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