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I am trying to clone a Windows 8.1 hard drive (my c: drive) to a new SSD drive. Everything goes fine using Partition Assistant Standard Edition until after the copying of the image to the new drive and then it restarts. I know the instructions say to not let it boot on the source drive, but it reboots so fast that I am not sure that I am catching it. I end up with a new destination disk with the right image but labeled h: noy c: and it won't boot from the new drive. Any help? My bios is seeing the drive but just won't boot from it. When I put the source drive back on the system it will boot from that.


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    Welcome to AOMEI forum. We are so sorry for the problem you encountered. Could you please try deleting the System Reserved partition and System Partition on the destination disk, then use Migrate OS function to transfer your OS to destination disk?

    Once again, we are so sorry for all the inconvenience. Currently we have not yet tested our programs on Windows 8.1, because our DevelopmentDepartment is busy in other project. 


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  • It wouldn't let me because it says that the operating system is on a GPT drive.

  • Let me know if one of your other software packages would be better suited to get this done.

  • Let me know if one of your other software packages would be better suited to get this done.

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    Yes, you may use AOMEI Backupper to do a System Backup and then restore it to SSD. If you do so, your destination SSD should be GPT style also, since the source disk is a GPT disk.

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  • I will try that and report back. Will the free version do this? I went ahead and bought the Partition Assistant Pro version yesterday, but it didn't help.

  • I just can't get it to work. I got the image to the drive and it looks good, but I think it is in my BIOS. It doesn't recognize my new drive as UEFI? It skips that drive and just looks for another drive it can boot off of.

  • Could you please tell us what is your steps? Did you restore the system backup image to the SSD? Have you changed boot order when you attempt to boot from the new drive after you complete restore the system backup image?

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