Non-bootability of cloned SSD

I've just cloned an HD to a new SSD using Backupper Clone. However, the cloned SSD was not bootable ('no operating system found' message on attempted boot), presumably because Backupper Clone failed to make the System partition active. I fixed the problem by using a bootable WIN 10 installation DVD and the "Repair" function. But shouldn't Backupper Clone make the cloned disk bootable, otherwise it is not a full clone?


  • Did you use the partition clone or disk clone?

  • I used Disk Clone. I'd previously, with another job, used System Clone, but this does not wipe the destination disk of its previous partitions, so I ended up with two bootable partitions. When I raised this with you, you advised me to use Disk Clone. Are you saying that Disk Clone does not make the active partition on the source disk also active on the destination disk? If so, it's not really a disk clone is it?

  • The Disk Clone should be bootable, we will analyse this problem, thank you for your feedback.

  • I had the same issue today.

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