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Option to select backup location if file is missing


I use an external HDD for my backups which I connect to my laptop every time I want to run a backup. Problem is that sometimes the Backupper can not find the backup images so I have to delete them and go to restore in order to find them again and proceed with the backup.

It would be great if we had the option to manually specify the path to the image, everytime the image can not be found, instead of following this routine.

Your software is really great and thank you for offering it for free, as I think this is the only feature which is a bit annoying. Everything else is great!

Thank you


  • Kostas,

    It sounds like the drive is not getting the same letter each time it's plugged in.  In the user folder for the logged in user there's an xml configuration file.  That file has the path to the backups.  When you plug a USB device into a different port, it gets enumerated differently.  This could be the cause of that path not matching.

    Also, there's an option in Backupper to locate a backup on the main screen next to each backup listed and again on the Restore screen.

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