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Disabling of popup notifications

First of all, thank you for easy to use and fast program. I would like to suggest simple option to add for it.  The reason is this:

Whenever automated backup is starting, in the lower right of the screen pops up a window to tell me about it. Many programs do inform user with popups, but Aomei happens to minimize some full screen applications, like games by doing this. I would like to disable popups (or make them a little less "intrusive"), because multiplayer and some singleplayer games won't pause the situation when they drop down and end up causing varying levels of annoyance instead of joy.

If there is a way to rename, move, modify or delete a file to disable popup notifications without breaking the program otherwise, I would like to hear about it. Or by any other means do so by tampering with Windows 7 options. I believe I'm not the only one suffering with this problem yet I couldn't find similar topics at least with Google. Or in the end it could only be that I have missed some little check up box somewhere. I hope this can be easily resolved.

Thank you for your time.


  • Soiluan,

    This is a good suggestion.  There are options for controlling notifications, but they're tied into email notification rather than the user interface of the software itself. 

  • Suiluan,

    Thank you very much for your good advice, I have forward it to our development staff; hope it will be adopted to furture version.

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