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Do not upgrade to 2.2 !!! (Frustration / Rant )

Dear all,

I have to say I kind a bit frustrated now with using AOMEI Backupper 2.2. have you devs thought that version through? 

1) Every time softawre is upgraded it reqiuires to be re-registered. This is insane. Especially when you used to release newer version quite often. I can understand bug fixing, but this?

2) New registration mechanism sucks for sites which are no internet connectivity. I have plenty of such sites in my company which are offline for the purpose. This was the reason I purchased the software few months ago. Now there is offline mechanism but requires access to web browser and combination of machine code and registration number. Try to do that over the phone.

3) Is notification using local SMTP server going to work soon. I have emailed support with log , but reply was rediculus. I have a local smtp server which distributes couple of notifications from UPSs/NASs/SQLServer/SNTP reports. Everything is working Backupper is not.

4) Due to, I believe, new registartion mechanism Backupper is openning more then 10 seconds. There is no excuse for such behavior. 

5)  Scheduling the task is cumbersome. Every time I modify the task I have to edit the task and change the credentials, beacuse default are not working. Why not to use SYSTEM account instead by default?

There are no significant features in this version justifing the upgrade so all users is recommended to stay away from 2.2.

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