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I want to make a backup on a cloud where I have one public IP with user and password. How can I connect to that cloud with AOMEI BACKUPPER?
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    Backupper can only backup indirectly to the cloud. When using BU, you can tell it to backup to a location or folder on your PC that you have already setup to backup to the cloud with a 3rd party cloud service. For example, if you have Windows 11, and you setup Onedrive to backup your Documents folder, then you could tell BU to create a backup image file and put it in your Documents folder, then Onedrive will back that up to the cloud for you.
    If you want an Aomei product that backs up directly to the cloud, please check out Cbackup, and MultCloud. They are similar, but different.
    CBackup Manual

    MultCloud Tutorials

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