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Cannot backup from shared drive(NAS) to cloud

Hello, I have a mapped drive and want to backup a folder from my Share to Cloud. I always get the Message: ------------------- Die Verbindung mit dem Netzwerk konnte nicht hergestellt werden. Bitte überprüfen Sie Username und Passwort und stellen Sie sicher, dass das Netzwerk erreichbar ist. ------------------ When I chose a local Source(C:\Temp) it Works. How can I add this Folder to my Backup. At the moment I use to test the free version (7.3.5) If I am able to Backup From my Shares/NAS to a cloud, I would like to buy a full version. Thak you Regards Fly


  • @Soulfly, You can't add the hared drive(NAS)? Please click Tools--Storage Management to add the NAS path, and take a screenshot of the error message. Please also try to press WIn+R on the Windows desktop, then type into the NAS path to check if it can open.
    And, do you want to back up to AOMEI Cloud?
  • Thank you. 
    Adding the NAS Path to the Storagemanager, it was possible to write Data. I thought the Storragemanager only was there for Destinations, not sources.

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