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Booting from cloned "C" drive

Several years ago I ran into a capacity issue for my original "C" drive. I was running a windows 8.1 system at that time. Everything went well, and I was able to use the boot redirect to my "F" external USB drive 114.3 TB until late last December. I suffered a major failure at that time, and decided to upgrade my system to windows 11 pro with 64GB of memory, and a 2TB SSD drive as my new "C". I retained the use of ALL of my external USB drives, including the drive I had setup to be my OS disk under win 8.1.

The system is now setup up as "C"= 2tb SSD, "E" = 12.7tb external USB HDD , "F" = 14.3tb external USB HDD drive that was setup using AEOMI as my substitute CLONED drive "C" on the win 8.1 system. "G" = 931.5gb mlgtb2 HDD, "H" = 931.5gb external USB HDD, "I" = 298.1gb external USB HDD. I also set up drive "F" to mirror changes made on files in the system.

MY PROBLEM: the "F" drive is filling up and now that I have the SSD drive, I no longer have problems with capacity on the NEW drive "C" SSD. The space on "F" is filling up and I want to recover as much of the space on "F" as I can.

I cannot find any specific instructions in the knowledge base or the forum to address a situation such as this, so I am looking for solutions. Perhaps the best thing would be to withdraw the "F" drive completely and substitute a new high capacity drive for it with a completely new capacity similar to what I have now. I am looking for suggestions that do not destroy data that has been placed on the "F" drive. 



  • @Melvingarrison, "I also set up drive "F" to mirror changes made on files in the system."---How did you set it? Raid 1?
    Do you want to use our software to back up the F: drive?
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