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Partition Assistant 10.4 Shrink Partition Fails

I am trying to reduce my C partition from 1.82TB to 1.8TB, NTFS, Custer size=8 however PA wants to change the cluster size to 4.
Therefore the process fails. What is the issue here?


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    Thank you Garf1, I understand you want to use PA to shrink a partition. Please take a screenshot of this problem, and post it here.
    PA is great software that I have used for years. You could also attempt to shrink this partition with Disk Management
    Cmd > Diskmgmt.msc
    or Diskpart
    Cmd > Diskpart
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  • @Garf1, "however PA wants to change the cluster size to 4."---Could you take a screenshot so that we check? AOMEI Partition Assistant doesn't change the Custer size.
    And, please also take a screenshot of the Custer size(=8) of your partition so that we check.
  • I was able to accomplish my task using diskpart.  Thanks
  • Your Welcome.
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