Can I set schedule to do this

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In my Old backup Program I could set the schedule to run so that once a week a new FULL Backup was made and then incrementals every day at periods say every hour between start time and end time.

At the end of the week a new Full Backup was made automatically and started a new set of incrementals based on it.

Then I could set how many weeks backups I would keep. ( i usually set this to 3 weeks)


I am only trying out the free version at the moment But from my first experiments I can't do this.

The nearest I can get is a daily backup with an incremental every hour but the next day does not start with a FULL backup so I cant delete any of these files in a couple of weeks as they will all be based on the original Full backup.

This is a bit risky anyway as a fault in any  one of the incrementals means the backup wont work.

I am hoping the Pro version will allow me to do what I want can anyone confirm if I will or not Please?



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