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Check the backup options

It does not appear that the 'Check the backup' option is available either for scheduled backups or the command line.

A backup is NOT a backup unless it is verified that it will work, otherwise it is false security. It really needs to be an option for all backup scenarios (IMO should be always!).

What would be useful, is a command line utility to do a check on a backup, with an exit code to indicate OK or not. That way, we could run a batch file to check all backups files for several computers. A scriptable (jscript or vbscript) object would be nice as well.


  • Hi,

    Yes, that a good and valuable suggestion. I have collected it and will report to our developers. Hope my colleagues add it in future versions.

    Thank you for the suggestion and Merry Christmas,Guys! 

  • Thanks for the consideration of my suggestion guys.

    I would also suggest that the option to 'Check the backup' be 'on' by default for all scenarios: manual, scheduled or command line. Those who know what they are doing, can turn it 'off', but for everyone else, 'on' provides a reasonable guarantee of being able to use the backup.

  • Hi Patanjali,

    Nice. I have reported it to our development team. Thank you very much for the suggestions. 

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