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Backupper 2.1.0 delay of Internet access


After Installation of Backupper 2.1.0 on my PC I noticed a considerably longer delay after Booting Windows (Version 7 SP1) until Internet network can be accessed. ( about 20 seconds vs 3 seconds) indicated also on the Taskbar . After deeinstalling Backupper connection is fast again.  This is disturbs  me and I stay with PE Builder on USB stick, where Backupper is integrated and works perfectly independently of running Windows.  Any Idea what is delaying blocking connection. ?  (Lan cable connection directly to DSL router).



  • I have reported this problem to our programmers.

  • 2.2 Standard free does the same thing on my Windows 7 64 bit machine...spinning circle on wireless network icon in system tray.

    The fix is to disable AOMEI task scheduler in system services(services.msc).

    I have reported this bug to AOMEI via tech support email.

  • Does this mean Backupper needs internet access to work?

  • BCbear,

    It does not need Internet access, but it can save backups to network shares, so it still has network access.

  • It can save backups to network shares, so it still has network access.


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  • If the developers could write Backupper so that it set the task in Windows Task Scheduler as an actual Windows 7 task rather than the feature limited XP, 2003 task that it currently does then one could add delays in the task and prevent the network access hogging from happening. Alternatively, yes one can set the backupper scheduler in MS Services to Auto/delay but this doesn't solve the needed change to tasks written into windows scheduler. Backupper rewrites them back to XP, 2003 everytime they've run. This is what needs to be done.

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