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Since 7.3.3 very slow sync from HDD to NAS?

I'm using AOMEI Backupper since October 2010, without any problems. AOMEI Backupper syncs daily from my PC to my Synology NAS. But since the latest update to 7.3.3 in someway something happens within AOMEI Backupper that makes the sync which takes normally a few minutes to nearly 1~2 hours?

And so far I can't put my finger on it, so it's suddenly causing a problem.

I can send a log, but which one is needed? Because in the log folder there a lot of .txt and .log files, eg:
  • Backupper26.txt
  • loaddrivelog.txt
  • Reg.log
  • SRV002_2023-11-18.log
  • ABCore22.txt
  • ABCorehlp22.txt
  • ABService31.txt


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    Reinstall BU, perform all Windows updates including optional updates.
    Confirm the files you are moving are already completely downloaded to your PC, and not in a Onedrive folder with no data. The default Onedrive setting is to free up disk space and store files only in the cloud, and not on your PC. You may right click your files and click always keep on this device. Or you could go to Onedrive settings > Advanced download all files.
    Confirm your NAS disk has S.M.A.R.T. status good.
    Does this issue happen on several PCs? Boot into BU WinPE USB, tell us if the issue happens there.
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    "I can send a log, but which one is needed?"
    I searched in BU Manual and in forum history, but I could not find this info.
    Tech Support
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  • @Chocka, Could you try to re-create the sync task to run again?
  • I just re-installed BU, and resynced the task which is now normal again as before. May be something went wrong during the lastest update, I don't know, but it seems to work again
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