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NO set to Active available?

I just purchased an upgrade to Partition Assistant and what to set a partition on my clone to active. User manual clearly says this can be done but none of menu items shown are available. First thing I've tried and already an issue with something that should be simple!!


  • I'm new here with Aomei and posted the above issue, so I thought this was a place to get support for your programs? Or maybe this is just a user forum and only has general discussions and no support for issues? Just trying to figure out how this works and how the program features really work. Can someone at least tell me what's the best way to get help?
  • Days later and I am still waiting for some reply? I think it is time to ask for a full refund since there is no support here and your sw doesn't work!!
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    Is the disk partitioned mbr style? If it is then you should have the option to mark a Primary partition active ( not a logical drive inside an extended partition)

    There is no active partition on a gpt disk.
  • @Oceanbob, What purpose do you want to achieve by setting an activate partition? Please check if your disk is GPT format. GPT disk doesn't have activate partition.
  • SIW2 - Thanks so much for a reply, it's good to know someone is here. The disk is GPT, my system disk, the only disk in my laptop. When I use PA to look at the working bootable GPT system disk, there is indeed an Active & System next to the partition. There is also a Boot status on another partition. After cloning the status of all the partitions list as none? I was hoping to be able to change at least one to Active in hopes of getting a useable cloned system drive that would boot?? So I don't understand when you say there is no active partition on a GPT disk
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    It depends which os partition and which esp partition is currently use. In windows diskmgmt for example, the os partition will show as "boot" because you are currently booted into it. But a windows partition on another disk will not be shown as "boot". It is probably fine. post a screenshot if you want.
  • " It is probably fine." No, it is not fine because the clone PA made does not boot when it is placed internally in the system? The status with PA on the clone when connected USB lists "none" on all the partitions, this is also the case when place internally using WinPe to list with PA. Somehow I must get the status to show correctly or the clone is useless, esp. when I use PA in WinPe. If I boot with the clone internal the computer comes up with a blue screen saying it can not find a system drive, so the clone is definitely not fine. How do I get the system to see this clone? What are the steps needed? If PA made a 'clone' and finished without any errors, then it should boot, but there must be something wrong with the partitions. I need to know what and how to fix, please?
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    "saying it can not find a system drive"

    Most bios will search fat32 formatted partitions on a gpt disk looking for the efi boot files. It seems your bios is not finding that. Could be several reasons. If you post a screenshot of windows disk management showing the cloned disk it might throw some light on it.

    If disk managemnt shows there is a fat32 formatted esp partition on the disk, then a logical conclusion is the boot files have not been created on that esp partition. If that is the case, it can be easily fixed in a few seconds.

  • That's great news. As I have placed the SDD internally in my laptop which now doesn't boot, it is difficult to give the requested screen shot. By booting with the WinPe USB I can see in PA that yes there is a Fat32, ESP partition, the first in the list. What can I do to get this to boot?  What is your easy fix few seconds, I only wish, feel I'm so close, please help
  • I guess it takes more than a few seconds waiting to get a reply. Is there an email I can send a screen shot to? None of the tools above work so I can not attach any files to this string?? Thinking I should try a Convert to MBR on my fat32 GPT partition and recover - does that make any sense?
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