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Allow partition or system backup with file or folder exclusions

I looked but didnt see a way to do a full or system backup and at the same time exclude certain directories or folders.  A lot of very big single drive systems have a lot of convienient yet not required data.  Say a bunch of .iso files, movies or mp3 collection.  They are backed up elsewhere or only there for convinience.  It would be nice to get a nice tight system backup without the optional data.  I find the feature very nice.  If it already has the feature could you point it out.  I searced the docs and didnt find it.


  • Sorry, Only "File Backup" can filter some specific file and folders. if you want to backup system or make a full bacvkup on partition, you can't filter any file and folder. 

  • Thanks.  It didn't look like it could.  Would there be any interest adding this feature?  Its come up most times in system backup ever since most users stopped seperating their data vol from their windows system.   I used to have a very clean 30gig C: (remember those days:) Then everything else pointing to D:   Now all that crazy crap is on the C:.  It would be great to say Exclude *.iso  c:\data  C:\mp3  C:\movies  That way I can back it up as files.  Much more portable and flexable 

  • OK! Thank you for your idea! I have reported this suggestion to our programmers. 

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