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Re-Install instead of Update !?

That's strange ...

I've downloaded the new Version 2.1.0 to update my currently installed version 2.0.3

Installer forced a De-Install of the installed version and then installed the new version.
Ok ... some other tools do it the same way ...
But why I need to enter my serial again ?!
Is it lost during the Re-Install !?

Not usable ...

Please keep the registration information during an update-process.
Or add an option to ask during the de-install to keep or delete it.

Also it would be more usable to remove the "Version-Number" (e.g. 2.1.0)  from the prefered install-path.
If scripts are used to start the backupper via command-line it would be helpful to find the stuff in the same folder!
This should prevent script-errors caused by missing files due to a new path.

f.e.: Installed 2.0.3 -> making the script -> updated to 2.1.0 -> script stopped working by using the default path settings during setup!


  • Right now the key is checked by entering it again.
    It could not be such a big problem to check the stored key for doing that!

    f.e. by entering the key it can be saved crypted in registry or somewhere else.

    During an upgrade the key can be decrypted to check.

  • I agree. Every software company should understand that, even with limited time software, people notice the little things that companies do to assist the customer and make things easier. People often don't remember little details, but they have sort of a "collective" memory of how all the little things a company has done have given them an overall satisfaction. The little things matter. I tend to save registration info on limited time software just because I've noticed how many companies don't have good sense in endearing themselves to the customer with the "little things."

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