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Aomei Backupper Server Freezing Whole Server

We have been using Aomei for doing a full disk backup on our physical server (Windows Server 2016 Standard). About 1 year ago it started freezing up the server every time the backup ran. I had to physically turn the power off and on again to get the server going. After Windows updates it would start working again for a little while but it would soon do that again. Eventually it was just doing that every time so I quit that backup. One local tech I had look at the physical server was thinking it was the hard drives getting old (they are 10 years old) but the next one who looked at it thought it was because the they were too full. But after cleaning them up to only half full, it still didn't work.
Our main server we actually use is a Hyper-V virtual server on there with the same operating system. So I decided to try doing the full disk backup on the virtual server itself. But now when I try that on there, it also freezes up the virtual server completely. It does do a BSOD and then eventually restarts but I'm wondering what I can do to get that backup working. The main error I get there is ATTEMPTED_ SWITCH_FROM_DPC. I tried running WhoCrashed and it points to ambakdrv.sys. Any help would be appreciated.


  • @DPGT, Could you try the following method?
    1. Please press Win+R, and type into "regedit" to open Registry. And then, locate the following path:
    2. Then, select and rightclick "UpperFilters"-->Modify-->delete the "ambakdrv" value.
    3. And, select and rightclick "LowerFilters"-->Modify-->add the "ambakdrv" value.
    4. After that, please reboot the computer.
    5. Please recreate the backup task to run. When you create the task, please click "Options"-->"Backup Mode", then select "Use AOMEI Backup Service" under Backup Service.
    And, before creating task, please also click the three-line on the upper right corner, click Settings-->"Backup Mode", then also select "Use AOMEI Backup Service" under Backup Service.
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    Good day. Yes, I will try that as soon as I have a chance to restart the server and do the testing. I just checked and it has the "UpperFilters" key (contains: "ambakdrv" and "volsnap") that you mention but it does not have the "LowerFilters" one. Do I add that one with the "ambakdrv" value?
  • Okay, the backup seems to be working after following those instructions (I added the "LowerFilters" registry key). Is there a reason that it didn't work after just installing the software? When I installed it on the virtual server it was a brand new install of Aomei.
  • @DPGT, Thanks for your feedback. We can't confirm if the method will solve the problem completely. Please continue to check if you will get the problem again after. If you get the problem after again, please contact us to check further.
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