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2 way real time sync

I have a desktop PC and a laptop. There is a path each in local documents, which I require to be local but which has to be synced with another path which is considered to be my "live backup".

This live backup folder is stored in a cloud drive to enable availability from everywhere.

In my case it is not possible and I don't want to have the cloud drive to be used for both Laptop and PC in the same folder.

What I currently do is to real time sync the path in local documents (from laptop and from PC) to the "live backup". From there all current documents are available. What I would like to do is a real time 2 way sync, so that not only a sync from the local documents folder to the "live backup" but also a real time sync back in case of a change from the other machine.

I use AOMEI Backupper Professional and can find only a "manual" 2-way-sync OR a real time sync from one path to another, but the combination I can't find. Of course I could use the 2-way-sync and plan an hourly syncronization but that is not sufficient.

Is there any solution or planned functionality I'm not aware?

The only workaround I could think of is to plan a real time sync 1 for the upstream and a second real time sync 2 for the downstream. What do you think about that?


  • @Sammy, AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support 2-way real-time sync way.
    And, AOMEI Backupper might also can't access the cloud drive.
  • @admin
    Thanks for the response. Are there any plans to incorporate such a functionality?
  • @Sammy, The dev team currently doesn't have definite plans for these features.
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