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AOMEI Centralized Backupper operating problems and disadvantages.

I noticed several problems with AOMEI Centralized Backupper v3.3.
The network in which the application is used has approximately 200 computers, most of which receive IP via DHCP.

1. It does not correctly detect the computernames of certain computers in the network.
If I ping the IP, it displays the correct name of the computer, in AOMEI CB it is a completely different name.
Even in groups he sees them mixed than they were set.

2. Some computers no longer see that they are controlled, although they were. I think this happens because of the reason mentioned in point 1. If I try to add them, it tells me that they are already controlled.
(I found the solution to this problem on the forum, delete the "net" folder from the following location C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR, )

3. In groups, the list is not displayed on the entire portion of the window, the bottom of the window being white.

4. A particularly annoying problem is the lack of a text box for filtering. For example, if I type "test" it should display only the computers that start with the names test01, test02, etc.

5. In my network, which is class B, Remote Client Installation and Remote Client Update do not work. The automatic search finds only a few computers. I would prefer to be able to disable this option and use right click on one computer or on several if they are selected.

6. At some point the sorting in Controlled Computers no longer works and the application must be reopened. Even here a text box to filter by computer name would be useful. In the Tasks section as well, the computers are not in order and it is very tiring to search for them.

There are other problems that I don't remember now.


  • @Itcjarges, 1. Could you take screenshots so that we check?
    2. Did you change the server side to another computer? Or, does the server side also use DHCP Ip?
    3. Sorry that we don't quite understand. Could you explain it and take screenshots further?
    4. We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
    5. Did you mean that it doesn't list the client computers under another subnet? Please try to click Settings on the right upper corner, then click IP Segment to add the IP segment of the subnet.
    6. We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
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    and the resurse09 pc is not displayed in the correct group

    The server is on the same PC that has a fixed IP

    The display of the list stops there, it does not go all the way to the bottom of the window.

    It doesn't find more than 4 or 5 PCs.

    I also added separately for each subclass that interested me, but it still doesn't find anything.
    The DHCP is between - /

  • I would also be interested in the possibility of making a backup of the AOMEI CB console in case I want to reinstall the operating system or move the console to another PC or Server.

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    Correction to my answer for point 5.
    The DHCP is between - /
  • @Itcjarges, 1. What name is
    2. It might be a bug, we will optimize it after.
    3. Please refresh the page to check again. Our computer shows the interface normally.
    5. Please download the patch (abnet. exe) from the link.
    Then, please place abnet.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Centralized Backupper to replace it.
    Then, run Aomei centralized Backuper to add IP segments and scan the computer again.
  • 1. is COORDONARE02

    3. I tried to do this but it still doesn't show the list all the way down. I maximized and restored the window, but it still displays half of the list. AOMEI CB is installed on Windows 10.

    5. With the new patch, detection works.
    I have added the subclasses that interest me in IP Segments. It takes a little longer to scan, but it's good that it works now.
    It would be useful if when IP Segment is activated it only scans the added list and ignores everything else, for example the first subclass x.x.0.x that it detects at the beginning.

  • 1. Only one computer shows the wrong name?
    2. Does it also display half of the list when you maximized the window? Did you modify the DPI and resolution ratio of the computer? How big are they?
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    1. There are several.
    2. The problem mentioned in point 3 appears only in the section of each group.
    In the main group "Controlled Computers" are displayed all the way down.

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