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Please Comment if you have had a Screen Resolution Issue with an Aomei product

Thank you Aomei for making so many great products and services. I have the professional edition to many of them, and the feature that could use the attention the most is the Screen Resolution issue on Backupper WinPE USB, and Partition Assistant WinPE USB.
I have used these 2 WinPE versions on approximately 100 different computers, and on about 40% of the computers, the application does not fit on the screen, making it unusable.
Please everyone, comment on this topic if you have experienced a screen resolution issue with Backupper WinPE USB, or Partition Assistant WinPE USB. Please let Aomei know this is an important issue to fix. Thank You.

These are the softwares we are concerned about:

Backupper WinPE USB:

Partition Assistant WinPE USB:


  • I confirm the issue on 50% of my machines (one of two). I don't use the Backupper WinPE USB because 1. "We have submitted the problem to our dev team to optimize. After that, we will offer you a patch to check the problem again." has been said on this forum, it was back in Jan.2021. Which makes me think nobody has cared and nobody will. 2. Plenty of different WinPE (and Linux-based) systems exist without such annoying issue, so the Aomei WinPE is not an absolute necessity. Cheers Mike
  • This is absolutely a huge problem. If I boot into PE-Recovery I get this problem on both of my PC. Graphics resolution offers a backupper display that does not fit on the screen. I think I will change to another product because this is not acceptable at all!
  • Easyrider, since this post was created, Aomei updated Partition Assistant USB utility to work on all monitors that I have seen.
    I will check on Backupper USB utility to see if the problem is still there.
    Most PCs will be able to use their alternative USB utility that includes both PA, BU. Please try this utility, it should work on all monitors.
    Aomei (Win)PE Builder USB:
    Best for PCs before 2020, includes Backupper, Partition Assistant, Recuva, 7zip, OSF Mount, CPU-Z, Bootice, DiskMgmt.msc. Supports x64 portable apps. Does not support any additional drivers, such as some internal M.2 NVMe disks.

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