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Don't find the system partition

Don't find the system partition. I reboot many times but the same .Also,  does not  find the disk F.


  • I unistall and install again : Try  to registered again and stuck....

  • @Dinomos, please reboot the computer to check again.
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    I reboot many times. I had the previus version 7.1 ,who worked. Then unistalled it and install the 7.2.0 and I have this problem. Also ABLauncher opens only with Run as Administrator. I think something happened with the unistallation, because neither the standard works...
    Then, I installed the 7.2.0 at another laptop and works fine.
  • @Dinomos, "I reboot many times."----still register stuck? If yes, please try to disconnect the internet, and then use the offline register way: https://www.ubackup.com/help/register.html
  • Registered offline ok,  registration successful ,  but  again    AOMEI backupper not responding .....
  • @Dinomos, What operation did you perform, then it is not responding? Could you allow us to offer a remote on your computer, and check the problem further?
  • After registration successful it's stuck ,and pop up a window Aomei is not responding. Ok send me a remote.
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    Ok, I am trying to backup.
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    Try to backup but it stucks at 0%.  Installed again and don't find the partitions again.

  • @Dinomos, Please try to reinstall AOMEI Backupper 7.2.0, and reboot the computer to check again. You can download it from here: https://www.ubackup.com/changelog.html
    And, when you install AOMEI Backupper, please temporarily close the anti-virus software.
  • I closed windows security, wise care ,wi fi , reinstalled AOMEI Backupper with a offline key and is working .(I just made a backup).  I don't know if after cleaning with wise care it will stuck again.
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