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System Backup thinks my storage device is also a system and trying to backup 2 drives


My system is on the C: drive and I have a P: drive which I have some storage, mainly to hold system backups.

I want to do a system backup but everytime I do, it shows both drives and there's no way to deselect one of the drives so that it only does the C: drive? I don't want to backup both drives and I want this to be a system backup.

Please don't suggest Files, partition or drive backup as a solution.



  • @Andeiyo, System Backup will back up system-related partitions. Please check if the P:drive has "system" flag. Generally, C: drive is "boot" drive. You can press Win+R, and then click "diskmgmt.msc" to open Windows Disk Management to check.
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    Yes it does, I can't find anything online to remove the 'System' flag, there's a few topics about moving the system flag to somewhere else.

    My boot drive doesn't have a system flag, but it does have Boot on it
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    It depends if you are using bios or efi boot. If you are using efi boot there should be an ESP (efi system partition) on at least one of the disks. It is possible to create an ESP on the same disk as your "C" partition and populate it with bcdboot command.
  • @Andeiyo, you can take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management so that we can help you check.
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