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Allow to protect aomei settings with a password when opening the program

If a hacker gains access to the PC by exploiting RDP vulnerabilities, he can manually delete all backups using the appropriate functions accessible from the aomei control panel. To avoid this, you could insert the possibility of accessing the functions only after entering a password. Same method used for example by antivirus to avoid being disabled


  • @Cobaltool, Maybe you can enable "Encryption" when you create the task. So, when you or other people delete the task with image files or perform other operations, it will require a password.

  • I'm already applying this recommended operation. I meant another risk If I select management tools and storage management, I position myself on the NAS which is normally not visible from my computer without entering the access password I can open the folder and delete the backups. In practice, if someone has access to the PC, he can use that function to cancel the backups before encrypting. That's why it is advisable to set a password that does not allow the opening of aomei backup.
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    This is the problem with image

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  • @Cobaltool, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
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