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Lost Disk Partitions Migrating from MBR to GPT


From Windows 10 Pro I used the free parttion wizard and tried to convert my NVMe PCIe Gen 4 SSD 1TB disk from MBR to GPT, it is not a Windows Boot OS Disk - it contains data only on 2 partitions. I used the wizard in the free tool and the partiton migration wizard failed with the following error

"Sorry, the current operation has been canceled!
Description:The partition table on the disk was failed to update as the partition table is being locked by other programs, please close other programs and retry."

Is this due to having 2 primary partitions ? As I noticed later both of my partitions are primary.

The disk no longer shows up in Windows File Explorer.

However it does show up as unallocated (no partitions) in AOEMI Partition Wizard as a Basic GPT drive - so the conversion was done.

To try and recover the 2 missing partitions I click on Partition Recovery Wizard in AOMEI, and it starts the repair wizard. I select select Disk 3 which is the one missing the partitions that failed the conversion from MBR to GPT, Click Next to do a Fast Search and I can see my missing 2 partitions. So I select the 2 partitions and click proceed to recover them

first it told me to buy a full pro license, which I did (which seeing the free tool caused this is pretty mercenary), and so I reinstalled the Pro version completly from scratch as unlocking my free install with my new license number failed :-<) Bad Omen. Now after clicking Proceed, nothing happens, it sits there for 1 hour with this dialog and the Task Manager is telling me the AOEMI tool is running at 0.1%, and there is zero disk activity on Disk 3, so it is not doing anything.

Will this dialog eventually work and bring back my lost partitions ?

After waiting an hour, I cancelled the dialog, and I then made a PE USB bootable Partition Wizard media, and booted straight to the PE version of the tool, and repeated the same actions but this time from the pre Windows boot mode.

The tool then crashed and told me it had saved a log file, but there are no log files on the USB, and on the C: partition where I boot windows from there is a log file, but I cant copy it from there as the OS tells me the file is being used, and when I search for which process has it locked it says no process is locking the file. So no log files.

How do I get my partitions back ?



  • Hi,

    I received a refund from the company very quickly, and they contacted me to try to help. But I ended up losing two partitions, which was the whole of my drives data, the free version caused this. I then paid for the full pro version and it found the partitions, restored one, but did not restore the other one, so I lost half my drive.

    I recommend not using the migrate of a MBR to GPT disk without backup first, and I'm not sure if this caused it, but I did notice I had two primary partitions on my MBR drive before trying to migrate - maybe you cant make a drive with that config a GPT drive, or maybe you cant fix the drive if it was in that state if the migration fails.

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