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Thank you very much


    I have tried to make a partion out of the un allocated space in my machine.But for some reason i cant able to do it with disk management utitlity,then i tried with this it worked like a charm.

Thanks again!


  • Same here.  I have an old XP VM that I need to expand the disk.  Simple and easy to use with no reboot.  Excellent work.  Thank you!

  • P.S.  This is the third partition product I have tried and it is much better than the two previous products I tried.

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    Just installed. (Simple and obvious interface, following Windows pattern) I took a bit of unallocated space and added it to C and the execution was fast and painless. Thanks for putting this on GOTD. I think that was a smart decision on your part. Thank you. Looks like this will be my go-to partition manager.

  • Partition size increase done very well. Thanks.

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