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I'm such a rookie

I'm embarrassed by my last of knowledge, but became a first time home computer user (did use in the military) . I had to purchase so I could keep in touch with my son, who now lives in France. When searching for backup, AOMEI came up often, so it must be worth a shot. Here are my rookie questions. 1. When I choose system backup + full backup, does that include everything on my drive c. When I did research and read that it included: System Partion, Boot Partion and Data Partion. I'm thinking that: -- System Partion is windows -- Boot Partion is the booting partion from my computer -- Data Partion includes all software and the data created from that software In other words, I want to back up so after recovering, I have everything I'm using on drive C including windows, my software, and the data created from that software. 2. If it doesn't include windows, my software, and data created from my software, what kind of backup(s) do I need to do? 3. Besides backing up, my gut says I have to include some kind of bootable disk but not sure how to create. Does AOMEI create a bootable disk for Windows 10? I would think the sequence of events would go like this: (1) Backup (2) Need to restore put in bootable Disk or USB (3) Restore computer from backup. 4. While backing up, can I still use my computer? Thanks in advance for your help.


  • I you select system backup, aomei will backup all the partitions which are on the same drive as your windows partition. As for bootable media, go in the Tools option, an either use the option to create bootable media or create a boot option to go directly in the aomei recovery environment.
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    Thanks Glussier.....I don't mean to be a pain but some of the terms go over my head.

    So does a System Backup include Windows, the software installed on my computer and the data created (i.e. images, saved word documents, etc) created from my software?

    Thanks Again

    p.s. I assume drive C is my windows drive.
  • p.s. I assume drive c is my windows drive
  • Drive c: is your windows drive. All the partitions which are on the same drive as your windows drive will be backed-up. 
  • @Steveeyes, If you want to back up all data, you can use Disk Backup way. It will back up all partitions on the disk, including system partitions. So, you don't need to create a system backup individually.
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