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Good software EXCEPT?? Incompatible with partition modification

Please enlighten me. As far as I know there is no way to change your partition sizes on yor boot drives in windows without having to rebackup all your backups which immediately become useless/bad after any partition size adjustment. This is unacceptable imo. Is there a way that I haven't been told about? What about Aomei partition assistant? can you expand or compact a boot partition using it and still maintain the integrity of standard aomei adi boot partition backups? And of course having to wait a long time to do reimage your backups? If you can't do this with aomei standard, then it is a seriously lacking program.


  • Have you tried restoring a partition image to a partition that is larger then the used space in the image ?
  • I posted about the programs bug a few months , where your aomei "backups" become worthless soon as you change the partitions size on one of the partitions that has been backed up. From memory, yeah I probably expanded the partition and the program I use is capable of moving partitions in order to claim unused space,etc. Apparently there is no good support here any longer as yours is the only reply and doesn't say much. I checked their "partitions assistant" and it has a confusing convoluted way of changing partition size and no mention of this very serious flaw in their program. As I said in the title it's incompatible with other partition changing utilities. The other program I am using bootibm by terrabyteunlimited gives backups that are independent of partition change of size as long as you have enough space on the partition you are restoring, so I guess I will use it. I dont have time to waste re-backing up with aomei everytime I want to m.ove or change a partition. The forum reply at that time gave no solution but just said you can't change your partitions with aomei "backups". Time to move on to a real program.
  • hit post comment and it doesn't show after preview, so even the forum is difficult to use.
  • If I understand your question correctly, the partition I tried to restore to was larger than the one that comprised the so called aomei "backup", haha.
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