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Resizing partition error


I'm experiencing an error when trying to resize my partitions - AOMEI software is asking to restart and when I do I get a Windows Boot error stating windows failed to start (photo's attached) another problem I have is that I don't have a windows installation disc as I bought a key online so unable to proceed when I hit the prompt screen.

can someone please help me resolve the issue?

thank you



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    Hello Rog, I understand your PC is not able to boot after attempting to resize a partition. Fortunately there are several things you can do. Before attempting to repair your PC boot issue further, please use the links below to create a live repair tool USB or DVD, and backup your files before going further.
    Could you please give us more information to help us understand your system?
    Could you please post a screenshot from Aomei Partition Assistant live?
    Legacy BIOS, UEFI-csm, UEFI setting?
    Win 10 or 11?
    Motherboard brand?
    SSD type: traditional 2.5", M.2 SATA, M.2 NVMe?

    Please go to another working computer, and create a DVD or USB of Win:
    Use the official Win DVD or USB to perform automated Startup Repair. I do not recommend performing a Win "Reset" because that can cause data loss.
    If Win automatic repair does not solve issue, please go to another working PC and create a Lazesoft DVD or USB. Lazesoft attempts to repair several possible problems in your booting. Very good tool.
    If you still cannot boot, please create a Hiren's Boot PE, and attempt to repair your PC using their tools, such as EasyBCD:
    Hirens Boot PE - live USB tool suite
    to add custom drivers such as NVMe, simply put them into the “CustomDrivers” folder

    Great tools from Aomei:
    Create Backupper WinPE USB:
    Please add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary
    Create Partition Assistant WinPE USB:
    Please add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary

    Rog, it is unfortunate this happened to you, we are here to help. Aomei has a lot of great products, unfortunately, Aomei Partition Assistant is very slow at resizing partitions, and I personally almost never use it for that purpose. To resize partitions, I usually use Win Disk Management. I do use it for moving partitions, that is OK. I have not seen the resize error you are describing in your post, but glitches can happen in every software. Interestingly, on 2-3-23, Partition Assistant 9.14 was released, which features a new "safer" resize mode option, view the changelog at:
    Rog, please reply letting everyone know how you were able to repair your boot issue, thank you.

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