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Disk Backup Too Lond

Since there is no pause feature for a long backup, what can I do to backup faster?


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    Hello Tutshbaby1, thank you for your speed question.
    There are many things you could do to have a quicker backup. If you are using Backupper, you could check the settings to see if you are creating an Intelligent Sector backup, instead of an Exact Sector backup. If you are backing up to an external disk, you could buy the fastest disks, such as Sandisk Extreme Pro. If your Windows is generally slow, you could use Aomei BU, PA USB tool to perform the backup outside of Windows. If you are using an internal mechanical hard disk HDD, you could upgrade your PC to an SSD.
    Are you using Backupper to create a backup image, or are you using Partition Assistant disk clone feature to create a sort of backup that way?
    Please reply with your internal disk type, your destination disk type & model for the image, which Aomei product you are using, and which backup settings you are using.

    Great free tools from Aomei:
    Create Backupper WinPE USB:
    Please add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary
    Create Partition Assistant WinPE USB:
    Please add custom drivers, such as NVMe, if necessary

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