Confusing license prompt in Free Backupper - Expiration?

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I installed Aomei Data Backupper on an USB flash drive and started it later (on another computer).

Much to my surprise at first a prompt appears telling me that the current version is expired, no backup will not work and I have to upgrade to the full version.

Hmm, that very confusing:

1.) I am using the free version should NEVER expire

2.) When I close the prompt windows and start over backup seems (!) to work.

So a backup function IS NOT disabled despite that it was stated.

I guess free Backupper does not recognize a new environment/computer and its current state (free/full).

So I suggest urgently to rewrite the key and version verification.

Confusing behavior like the current from Aomei does NOT increase trustworthiness to such an critical backup tool.



  • You are correct. There are other threads on the same topic, please read back a few days/ weeks.

    Which version are you using? The latest (2.1.0, released just a few days ago) seems to have removed some of these problems, but you are correct in saying that the free version shouldn't have this check at all.

    The problem also arises sometimes when you start Backupper in a PE environment. In my latest tests, there is no more "Expire" prompt, but to be honest I'm not sure when it appears, and when it doesn't. It has something to do with the AmCore.dll file (it changes with every program start), but as I said, the best solution would be to remove this dependancy completely. So please Aomei, remove the AmCore.dll check!! Hopefully as soon as possible.

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