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AOMEI Partition Assistant (Delete all Partitions

I have been trying to delete partition on a 32G pen drive. The operation fails claiming the another app has the device open when there's none unless it's windows it self that has this lock on it:

"Sorry, the current operation has been canceled!
Information Code: 6
Description: The partition table on the disk was failed to update as the partition table is being locked by other programs, please close other programs and retry."

I lookup Code 6, none of these solutions applies to my situation does anyone give me a clue of hint how to get around this lockup, thanks:

Error Code: 6 1006

Error description:

The partition table on the disk failed to update as other programs locked the partition table, please close other programs and retry.

All operations regarding to resizing partitions need to modify the partition table to take effect the task, the operations fails as modification fails.


  1. This error usually occurs when you clone a disk. To fix the issue, please first do a defragment and run chkdsk/r or chkdsk/f command to fix the errors on source drive and then retry the operation. Or, you can first manually delete your destination partition/drive and retry clone. And, we advise you to run a partition clone or clone with the sector-by-sector mode.

  2. You can also try to run a disk clone with AOMEI Backupper or create a bootable media and then boot your PC into WinPE to run disk clone.

  3. If you get this error when converting a data disk from MBR to GPT, please check if the starting position of the first partition is greater than 32 (right-click on the partition, choose Properties-->Partition Info and check the value of "First physical sector"), if it is greater than 32 you can directly delete all the partitions on this disk and then convert it to GPT. Finally use the Partition Recovery Wizard to retrieve the deleted partitions.


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